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The archaeology of brewing

Archaeology and beer well that’s a match you don’t see too often (sarcasm). This is actually a session on the archaeology of brewing, not archaeologists brewing, though it does involve that too. It was a pretty great session we video recorded from the CIfA conference, for your enjoyment. Session Abstract: We will be exploring the ongoing relationship between archaeology and brewing.

Scraping Instagram with R, with PHP

I’ve had reason lately to be collecting information regarding the sale of human remains online, in various places. One such is Instagram. Working with Instagram is not straightforward. One approach that I had been using was a package for R called ‘InstaR‘ by Pablo Barbera. It worked great, after some initial confusion on my part on how to get the damned thing to authenticate (which involves setting up an Instagram developer’s account, etc etc.).

Training for Australian University

We just delivered a 5 days training program for Monash University, Australia and Malaysia campuses, in the Monash University Prato Center in Italy. 23 international students from Asia and Australia learned our practical methods for art examination and they were involved in field projects in Prato and Florence. We taught the first week of “Diagnostics [...

Ethics approval – a word to the wise

I’m doing my ERGO application today. That’s the University’s Ethics risk and approval system, and they’ve worked hard to make it as simple as possible, but it does take time. And so its time to pass on a useful tip to those starting out on their PhD studies. This is the third approval I will have got (and I’m pretty sure to get it, its low risk ethics-wise), during my time here.

Poem X

x i shall be across the plain when the sun was sinking but enough of the chain between my mother embraced me once before when she cut me short with a push   I fed King Solomon’s Mines into Ben’s markov chain generator that he’s been using as part of his class. This is what came out. I like it.

Moving to Berlin!

I’ve been living in South Africa for the past 13 years. I did my high school, bachelors and post-graduate studies here. I’ve had a wonderful time during my stay in a country so full of beautiful scenery and archaeology, wrapped in the hearts of so many cultures. I’ve made some amazing friendships and memories. Now, it’s time for a new chapter in our life.

Resonance: Sound, music and emotion in historic house interpretation

Just drafted an abstract for my Sound Heritage presentation: This presentation explores what computer games can teach us about emotional engagement in cultural heritage interpretation. Beginning with a model of emotional affect drawn from the work of Panksepp and Biven (Panksepp, 2012), Lazarro (Lazarro, 2009), Sylvester (Sylvester, 2013)and Hamari et al (Hamari et al., 2014), it reveals how music especially has become a versatile emotional trigger in game design.

iAligner: a tool for syntax-based intra-language text alignment

Talk: Chiara Palladino and Tariq Youssef (Leipzig), “iAligner: a tool for syntax-based intra-language text alignment”. Permalink: <> Date: Tuesday, 29 November 2016 Time: starting at 17:00 c.t. (i.e. 17:15) Venue: DAI, Wiegandhaus, Podbielskiallee 69-71, D-14195 Berlin (map) Abstract The detection of textual variants is a crucial step in Classical Philology.

DAH Scholarships Available for DPASSH 2017

The Digital Repository of Ireland, in collaboration with the Digital Arts and Humanities (DAH) PhD Programme, is offering scholarships to attend the Digital Preservation for the Arts, Social Science, and Humanities (DPASSH) conference, which will take place 14-15 June 2017 at the University of Sussex, Brighton. Priority will be given to current DAH PhD students (although applications will be considered from others), and to those who are submitting an abstract to the conference.