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Snow Crash to hit the big screen?

The geek enclaves of the net are buzzing with the news that Neal Stephenson’s 1992 classic Snow Crash may be appearing on the big screen soon. Paramount have signed Joe Cornish to write and direct after the critical acclaim he received for his directorial début Attack the Block. It’s not clear yet whether the movie …The post Snow Crash to hit the big screen? appeared first on Digital Digging - Blog.

DigVentures – Funding Target Reached – What Now?

The crowdfunded archaeology project has confounded its detractors by reaching the full amount of funding within the allotted time – we catch up with Managing Director Lisa Westcott Wilkins to talk about what happens next. ....The post DigVentures – Funding Target Reached – What Now? appeared first on Digital Digging.

iPhone RTI

I have been spending quite a lot of time lately working with Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI). It is a computational photography technique developed by Tom Malzbender at HP labs. It is based upon photographing an object from a fixed camera position, in each image the lightsource is moved. These images are then compiled into an interactive image within which the light can be virtually moved.

Writing In The Age Of Distraction

Author: Cory Doctorow. Please see the bottom of the post for release notes and more by this author. We know that our readers are distracted and sometimes even overwhelmed by the myriad distractions that...The post Writing In The Age Of Distraction appeared first on Digital Digging.

RTI Example – St George’s Church, Portland

We’ve been looking into how RTIs can be best shown through the web. In the same way that a video needs to be opened inside a video player, to view an RTI as an interactive experience, an RTI viewer is usually installed onto the computer of the person who wishes to open the file.  But there are some great web-based options being developed that will allow users to view RTI files within their internet browser.

CAA2012 Conference Presentation

On the 27th March 2012, we presented the Redicovering Our Churches project at the Computer Applications in Archaeology 2012 conference at the University of Southampton.  We’ve uploaded a copy of the powerpoint presentation into Slideshare.  It doesn’t have a copy of the script, just the slides, but we thought it would be useful to share the content with you all.

St George’s Church, Portland

St. George's Church, Portland We recently visited St. Georges Church on Portland in order to demonstrate RTI techniques to a team from Wessex Archaeology who were working to document the church and its associated cemetery, you can read more about  work that they are carrying out with the Churches Conservation Trust on our Other Projects page. The project held particular personal interest to us as the church had previously been the parish church for several generations of Nicole’s family.

Digital Disengagement (leave some behind).

As I write this I have a Google Doc open on another screen, apparently writing itself, as participants in this open doc discuss gathering together to debate digital engagement in academia. This is a direct result...The post Digital Disengagement (leave some behind). appeared first on Digital Digging.

Rebuilding the Sweet Track

The Sweet Track is around one and a quarter miles long – a raised wooden trackway that ran across a part of the Somerset Levels the best part of 6,000 years ago. I have...The post Rebuilding the Sweet Track appeared first on Digital Digging.