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Archimedes – Multipurpose scanner for Art Diagnostics

CHSOS just lunched a new initiative: developing a multipurpose scanner for Art Diagnostics. It will be low-cost, mobile and lightweight. The scanner is developed thanks to funding collected with the “Low-cost X-Radiography for Paintings” successful crowdfunding campaign ended April 30th. This will be a multipurpose scanner designed for traveling art diagnostics.

Techniques to reveal hidden paintings: a case study

Just published “L’Annunciazione ritrovata. Nunziata di Mascali, Sicilia“. A. Cosentino, Giovanni Calvagna, Giuseppe Calvagna, C. Calvagna, C. L. Dandolo, P. Uhd Jepsen “L’Annunciazione ritrovata. Nunziata di Mascali, Sicilia” Archeomatica 1, 44-48 2016. DOWNLOAD The town of Nunziata di Mascali, Sicily, has sponsored in 2013 the restoration of its 19th century canvas painting representing the Annunciation.

Reflectance spectroscopy of new pigments

We just updated our database of Reflectance spectra of pigments with the new 4 pigments added in Pigments Checker v.3. DOWNLOAD Reflectance Database: A. Cosentino “FORS spec­tral data­base of his­tor­i­cal pig­ments in dif­fer­ent binders” e-conservation Jour­nal 2, 57–68, 2014. We added Reflectance spectra of bitumen, chrome yellow, cobalt blue and cobalt chromite blue.

Pigments Checker v.3.0

Pigments Checker is a collection of pigments important in art history. Among all the pigments and their varieties ever used in art this collection selects the most used from antiquity to early 1950’. Pigments Checker is a standard tool designed for Art professionals, scientists, students and conservators to evaluate and practice non-invasive techniques for pigments identification.

Technical examination services for stamps

Just uploaded our “Technical examination services for stamps” guide. Using our onsite, mobile, non-invasive and non-destructive methods to evaluate historical prints.  Ask for our art examination service or participate to our Training programs to learn these methods and set up your own laboratory.

Multidisciplinary investigations on the byzantine oratory of the Catacombs of Saint Lucia in Syracuse

Just published  CHSOS provides technical examination and documentation of wall paintings and this paper provides a new insight into the combination of Technical Photography and  3D laser scanning for archaeology. This paper presents the outcomes of a multidisciplinary study conducted on the fresco palimpsest of the byzantine oratory (region C) of the Catacombs of Saint Lucia in Syracuse.

Multispectral Imaging at Art Defender, Bologna

We have been collaborating with Alessandro Fiamingo who has taken our Training program. He is currently working at Art Defender, Bologna. We have just tested our Multispectral Imaging system  on one of the paintings of Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, Guercino (1591-1666) belonging to the fine arts museum in Cento, Italy and stored at Art Defender.

Photography of ancient coins: RTI

    [add RTI interactive, add it to the Ariadne website???] ———- Photographing ancient coins is a pretty difficult task because of their reflective and uneven surface. RTI (Reflectance Transformation Imaging) is a computational photographic technique used in a number of fields related to art examination and documentation.

New online tours of Portus launched

We are pleased to launch a series of online tours produced by Peter Wheeler. Peter, with input from the rest of the Portus Project team, has created tours for the Claudian, Trajanic, and Severan periods, and for the Fifth to Seventh Centuries. There is also a tour providing a virtual visit to the archaeological site as it is today. Finally there is an interactive timeline for the site. The tours are intended only as a first step and we have many additions and modifications planned.