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#156 Pigments on Arrow and Dart Shafts in Southern NV

In a recent paper from Eerkens, et al. (2012) titled, "Chemical Composition, Mineralogy, and Physical Structure of Pigments on Arrow and Dart Fragments from Gypsum Cave, Nevada" the authors analyze pigments found on arrow and dart fragments to determine their chemical composition, mineralogy, and physical structure.

#155 CRM Archaeology Podcast – CRM Wages

In case you don't know, I host a panel-style CRM Archaeology podcast. I've hosted a podcast for over a year now but this new format, and the reason for the re-numbering, is way better than the old one. On this episode my panelists and I talk about a couple of news items and have a great conversation about the current state of CRM wages in the United States.

#154 ArchaeoTech: Speakers

Are speakers really ArcheoTech? Ask any Shovelbum and they’ll say yes. Everyone listens to music either in the field, back at camp, or in the hotel room. With these speakers you’ll feel confident that they will last through a day of excavation and still be able to sound great while having drinks in the hotel parking lot at the tailgate of the work truck at the end of the day.

#153 Book Review: Small Archaeology Project Management

By William White (@succinctBill) - $0.00 on Kindle!A few months ago Bill had me, and others, read an advance copy of his new eBook, “Small Archaeology Project Management: How to Run Cultural Resource Management Projects Without Busting Your Budget”. Bill is a long-time CRM Archaeologist and the founder and Research Director of Succinct Research. His company conducts research for publications for cultural resource management, historic preservation, and heritage conservation service providers.

#2 The First Diachronic Design Tutorial: Mail Merge Object Labels

Hello folks! I am happy to announce that the first Diachronic Design tutorial: Making Mail Merge Object Labels, is available for purchase and download through and for free streaming through Diachronic Design’s YouTube channel. Mail Merge is a function commonly found in word processing software, including multiple versions of Microsoft Word, but also free, open-source word processors like LibreOffice.

#152 Archaeological Relationship Silliness

Are you one of those types of people that calls their significant other silly names while at home? Do you have little idiosyncrasies that you share with no one else but that one person?I think most of us have developed those little familiar habits at least once with someone in our lifetime. If you stay in a relationship long enough you are bound to grow together and “learn to finish each other’s sentences”.

#151 How to Start a Consulting Business, Part 4

Part one is here. Part two is here. Part three is here and covered insurance and accounting. This is the last part and it will cover the most important thing you’ll do for your business: business development.Business DevelopmentWhat is business development(BD)? It’s basically doing everything you do to bring business into your company. It could mean anything from internet research, to phone calls, to office visits, to power lunches.

#1 Welcome to Diachronic Design!

(Def) dia•chron•ic adjective : of, relating to, or dealing with phenomena (as of language or culture) as they occur or change over a period of time Who am I? My name is Russell Alleen-Willems and I am an archaeologist with a master’s degree in applied archaeology. I have worked mostly with for-profit cultural resource management (CRM) firms, but also universities and the National Park Service (NPS).