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#243 Great Basin Anthropological Conference

#GBAC2014 I'm headed to the Great Basin Anthropological Conference (GBAC2014) in a little while. Would have been nice to have someone ride up with me for the 8 hour drive to Boise, but, now I get to listen to podcasts the entire way.The theme of this year's conference (they actually only happen every two years) is "Transitions" which seems appropriate. I've been in a "transitional" period for a couple years now.

#242 The Winning Bid

Click on the image to go to the source. The title of this post is incredibly ironic. I don't really know what it takes to put in a winning bid on a large project. As of right now, I've worked on a number of smaller projects where it is likely that no one else was bidding. I was contacted directly by the client or the proponent.

#241 The CRM Archaeology Podcast – Podcasting the Profession and Educating the Public

The Blogging and Social Media session for the 2015 Society for American Archaeology meetings in San Francisco is live on the submission website! I've invited a number of people and a few others are considering it. You don't have to be invited to join in, though. Just make sure your submission is related to media, blogging, social media, video, podcasting, or any other media before you submit a paper.

#240 Happy Archaeology Fun Time

I've been meaning to highlight a friend of mine's YouTube page because he's got some really good stuff on there. As of right now he's got 11 videos up. Below, I've linked the videos I'm featured in because I need one more thing that can boost my ego. I recently found that my ego isn't quite big enough. Well, now you have some video to look at. If an ad appears, support The Man in the Hat by letting the ad play. If you click past it he doesn't get a dime.

#238 Job Creator or Scary Effing Responsibility

I just finished week two of a three week project where I had to hire my first employee. It’s an interesting arrangement all around. DIGTECH was subcontracted to do the fieldwork for this project and they needed two people. So, there’s me, and someone I’ve worked with on excavations before, RC.On post #236 I talked about all the pay and per diem troubles I was about to have so I won’t go back to that here.

#237 What Good are Munsell Colors?

Not property of WCRM, in fact. What have you used Munsell colors for? Have you really had slight variability in soils to a point where it helped you interpret the site in a different way? In many cases the stratigraphy is different enough that a Munsell color is just overkill. Just call it tan, or, light brown. Whatever. OK. Now that I’ve caused you to quit reading and go straight to an angry comment, I’ll continue.

#236 Uncontrollable Forces in CRMArch

I’m currently about to participate in a three week testing project where DIGTECH was hired basically as the excavation crew. For this project, I had to hire my first temporary employee. I’m going to present the challenges this entire operation presents. Keep in mind, I’m one person hiring one other person. The challenges I’m going to present are magnified many times with larger companies, but, they are still pretty much the same.

#235 Munsell Color Fun

A couple years ago I did a guest post on the Munsell Color Blog. Yeah, that Munsell. Anyway, since then I’ve been following the blog and their fun Twitter account. The other day I saw something that was just geeky enough to be sort of fun. Check it out.3D Interactive Munsell Color SpaceCreated by Oriane Lima, an MD, a PhD, and a painter, has created some really fun Munsell graphics. Below, is a 3D interactive visualization of the Munsell color solid. Click around. It does fun things.

#234 Archaeology Podcast Network

We've just recorded the 38th episode of the CRM Archaeology Podcast. Every time we record an episode we find that we don't have the time to really go in depth on any single topic. For that reason I want to start a number of other podcasts. The best way to do that is to form a network of podcasts.Why a Network?A network is a good way to do this because it becomes a one-stop-shop for all things archaeology.

#233 Call for Posts: First Day

I tried to start a CRM blogging collective, but, there wasn't much interest from the people I contacted, and, I got busy with other things and didn't get to promote it much. Now I'm going to start putting out suggestions for themed posts. Maybe that will help some people dust off their memories and do some writing.So, the topic I propose for now:Your First DayDescribe your first day as a paid archaeologist.

#232 More Companies, More Changes

This is my Day of Archaeology 2014 post. Click HERE to go to the DayofArch page and see hundreds of great posts about the day in the life of archaeologists across the globe. First, a big thanks again to the organizers of this event! It’s a lot to put on something like this.

#231 Petty Little Man

Check out his feature. Can you tell anything about it? Do you even know what state or country it's from? Yeah, didn't think so. For the record, it was not taken while on a project with the company mentioned in this post. Suck it, lawyers. I was debating talking about this on this blog, but, it’s what I do. I’ll likely be sued over this blog post and will loose everything.

#230 – Bad Businessman

So, I might be just a bad businessman, or, I’m going to change the world. Either way, here are some thoughts on business and pricing in CRM and, really, everything.There is a pretty good chance that DIGTECH is going to be merging with another company soon. We’re joining forces because the leadership of the other company are getting on in age and are looking to keep their legacy going. First, I really respect them for making this decision.

The Importance of an Open Internet

The FCC has opened a new inbox for open internet comments. Please send an email to the address below (just click on the link) or visit to post your comment into an official FCC proceeding. They need to hear from a representative sample of US citizens, not just those who can afford to lobby government officials. To: openinternet@fcc.

#229 SAA2014 Wrap-Up

Click on the image to go to the book's page where you can download and/or read! I'm just back from the Society for American Archaeology meetings in Austin, Texas and there is a lot to cover.Blogging Archaeology, AgainI chaired this year’s blogging archaeology session and I have to say, it was a great success.

#228 The Best of Archaeology Blogging 2013

This is just a short post to gauge interest in a project I want to do this month.Right now I’m editing papers about Blogging Archaeology (#blogarch) for an eBook I’m creating with Doug Rocks-MacQueen over at Doug’s Archaeology. The eBook is in association with the Blogging Archaeology session that I’m chairing at this year’s Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting being held in Austin, Texas this year.

#227 Printing Wikipedia or How to Think Backwards

I recently hear a report on NPR about a German company that’s trying to raise money to print Wikipedia into about 80 m of books. That’s about 1,000 volumes at about 1,200 pages each; over 1 million pages. This is so stupid it makes my brain hurt.Some of the people interviewed by NPR thought it was a fun idea and others disagreed.

#226 Nazi War Diggers – It’s our fault, not NatGeo’s

Nazi War Diggers is a new show from NatGeo (formerly the National Geographic Channel but hipsterized to gain a new audience). The premise is similar to recent shows in this country, except that it takes place in Europe. Stars of the show dig up World War II artifacts, and apparently human remains too. I’m not going to explain the show or critique it. I’m also not going to link to the show and increase their page rank.