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#257 Tub Water

How many projects have you been on where the project manager or the crew chief filled your crew water jug with water from the bathtub in the hotel room? It's certainly a cheap way to get water for your crew, that's for sure.

ArchaeoTech LIVE Video Podcast from #SAA2015

Hi Folks, If, like me, you couldn’t attend the Society for American Archaeology conference happening right now in San Francisco, I have a treat for you! Chris Webster, of Digtech LLC and the Archaeology Podcast Network, helped me record some video interviews with exhibitors from the conference! You can watch the result here on the Diachronic Design YouTube Channel.

#256 #SAA2015 Conference Scheduling Hack

Hey all...I was scheduling my week for SAA2015 and found a way to make it a bit easier. I thought I'd make a quick video so others could do it if they please.Now, this works on Apple iCalendar apps across the iPhone and Mac OS, but, I'm sure there is an Android way to do this using Gmail or some other app. I'm just not well versed in that system.If you know how to do it on Android, leave a note in the comments.

#255 ArchaeoTech: ZeroLemon 10000mAh Battery

ZeroLemon Field Battery This is just a quick post to promote a sale I saw on Stack Social. It's for the 10000 mAh solar portable battery from ZeroLemon. As of the date on this post, you can get this battery for $26!!! First, let me explain the 10000mAh.For a batter, you have several different measurements. The output is in either 1A or 2A (1 amp or 2 amp). This is like the size of the engine in your car.

#253 Choosing a Field School

Figure 1. Screening with some help from local volunteers. Bill White and I are recording a special episode of the CRM Archaeology Podcast all about Field Schools. What should be taught at a field school? What shouldn’t be there? What did you get out of your field school? Should you learn job hunting skills? Why type of field school should you go for?We’ll be recording on Thursday, March 26, at 5pm PDT.

#252 SAA and Open Access

The March 2015 issue of the SAA Archaeological Record is out. First, it's a special issue covering archaeology and reality TV with a boader focus on communicating archaeology in the media. I just want to point out that there is ZERO mention of podcasts. Not even in passing. Go ahead, search the document. You won't find it. I guess I need to publish some articles about podcasting for there to be a mention of it.

Announcing the ArchaeoTech Podcast!

I am now co-hosting a technology-focused podcast with Doug Rocks-Macqueen (of the Doug’s Archaeology and OpenAccess Archaeology websites) as one of several great shows on Chris Webster’s Archaeology Podcast Network. During the show Doug and I interview archaeologists of all kinds about how they integrate digital technology like tablets, geographic information systems, digital cameras, photogrammetry, augmented reality, and more into their work.

#251 Diversity Isn’t the Problem, Yet

I wasn't planning a blog response to Bill White's first post on race and diversity in archaeology, which itself was a response to Episode 51 of the CRM Archaeology Podcast about diversity in Archaeology.Then I saw the first episode of the "The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore".

#250 Tom King is Wrong

I drafted this post a few weeks ago and never got around to finishing it. Now it’s about to encompass a couple things that Tom King is wrong about.Do we need archaeologists?It all started with a podcast interview I recorded with Tom a couple months ago. The interview is for a podcast that isn’t quite ready yet so I have no link for it. We were talking about archaeology and archaeologists and the idea of professional licensing.

#249 Redefining Job Security

The Myth of Job SecurityI just got back from the Society for Historical Archaeology meetings in Seattle and had a few interesting conversations there. One such conversation was with fellow podcaster, blogger, and author, Bill White, and was centered around jobs and job security in archaeology. Essentially, I decided that the term “job security” doesn’t really apply to archaeology as it’s been traditionally defined.

#248 Podcasting and Advertising

If you're a regular listener of the CRM Archaeology Podcast you will start to notice some changes. I've mentioned the Archaeology Podcast Network before and the changes are related to us moving forward with that project. Here are the details.The APNWe plan on revealing the Archaeology Podcast Network to the public during the week of December 1st. We have the domain, web hosting, and a website that we're working on.

#247 College – GET IT OVER WITH!

I recently chatted with a friend on Facebook about what she should focus on for her undergraduate degree. She asked whether she would be fine with an Anthropology BA or with An Anthropology BA with a focus in Archaeology. She's already taken a lot of archaeology classes and has extensive lab experience. Essentially, I told her to do what she has to do to graduate. Don't over-complicate things.

#245 I Would NOT Walk 1000 Miles For You

Long central Nevada walk. I've been having a discussion with a colleague about some upcoming fieldwork. The details so far include: 29,000 acres of pedestrian survey, no more than 400 sites recorded, and about two years to hand in the final draft of the report. We're allotting at most one and a half years for the fieldwork. My philosophy is to employ as many people for as long as possible.

#244 Refocusing

I'm sitting at a table in the socializing area of the Riverside Hotel at the 2014 Great Basin Anthropological Conference in Boise, ID. I've only heard about five papers but I've come to a realization that I think I came to subconsciously months ago. DIGTECH, as a CRM firm, is done. Sort of.