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Feeling Gray? How about some Shades of Gray?

Feeling gray? How about some shades of gray? Have a new studio? Want to paint it photographic neutral gray? Read on for important information and advice. The information quoted below was authored by Dan Kushel, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus at SUNY Buffalo State, New York, USA. Recent photographic lab renovations at Buffalo State College required the walls to be painted a fresh coat of gray.

Behind the scenes: RTIViewer 1.1 release

We are thrilled to announce the release of the RTIVewer  1.1 software! This update release includes the most asked for features in the RTIVIewer.  As with prior versions, this is free, open source software. We have been working with it for a while, and we are excited to get this out to everyone in the RTI community. I am most excited about surfacing all the numerical settings data within the interface.

By: Doug

Hi Henry Don’t feel bad, your were played by the best of them. Actually, that is a lie at best I am average. Ah who am I kidding I am like in the bottom 5%. You should feel bad.

By: Kelly M

A fellow rebel. Good on you, Henry! I knew Doug was up to no good. Procrastination seems to be a very common theme amongst us archaeo-bloggers. Perhaps there wouldn’t be anyone blogging if we all did what we’re supposed to do.