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Andres Uueni

Documentation of wooden figures in St Mary’s Cathedral, Tallinn

Since mid-November is Andres Uueni involved with a new project: Christian Ackermann – Tallinn’s Pheidias, Arrogant and Talented in St Mary’s Cathedral, Tallinn. Project leaders: Estonian Academy of Arts and Estonian Art Museum The objective of the project is to rescue Christian Ackermann – the most scandalous and talented carver of Estonia’s Baroque era – from oblivion. Ackermann, who was dubbed Tallinn’s Pheidias (a sculptor in Ancient Greece, ca.

Working with multispectral camera in Estonian History Museum

Today I visited Estonian History Museum together with Dr. H. Hiiop to find out some additional information about wallpainting (painter: E. Okas, 1987). To research any compositional changes (pentimenti’s), I used a multispectral camera (infrared wavelengths). But although there were some underdrawings, we couldn’t identify any important changes.

Presentation in seminar

20th November 2015. the Society of Estonian Conservators organised seminar about the preservation and conservation issues of the different materials and about documentation (“Esemete erinevate materjalide vastastikune kahjustav mõju – säilitamise ja konserveerimise problemaatika.”) in Olustvere. Andres spoke about accuracy, quality, uncertainty and error during the artefact/monument/building documentation (“Täpsus, kvaliteet ja viga.

Digital strategy workshop in Riga

26th November 2015 participated Andres in well-organised digital strategy workshop in Riga organised by WAM. The lecturer was T. Tasich, who is digital consultant, producer (Digitelling Agency, London, UK). During this event it was possible to gain a better understanding of how to create a digital strategy that integrates with wider strategic aims and objectives.

First phase of the Haapsalu Episcopal Castle documentation project

During June of this year, Archaeovision led a project in the recording of the Haapsalu Episcopal Castle in Estonia. Haapsalu Castle is a castle with a cathedral attached and was founded in the thirteenth century as the seat of the Bishopric of Ösel-Wiek. The castle has undergone many phases of development with it being widened and reconstructed according to the development of the weapons that were housed there.

Lecture about imaging technologies

Hembo Pagi giving a lecture. Photo: Th. Kormpaki On Thursday the 19th March myself and Hembo gave a presentation in St. Nicholas’ Church, Tallinn about imaging technologies and heritage documentation solutions. The lecture was organised by the St. Nicholas’ Church museum together with the Rode Altarpiece in Close-up project.