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Deformative Digital Archaeology

An archaeological visualization. Is digital archaeology part of the digital humanities? This isn’t to get into another who’s in/who’s out conversation. Rather, I was thinking about the ways archaeologists use computing in archaeology, and to what ends. The Computer Applications in Archaeology Conference has been publishing proceedings since 1973, or longer than I’ve been on this earth.

HIST3812 Games & Simulation for Historians. A Tenative Course Schedule & Outline

The first time you teach a course, you have to expect some rough edges as things you wanted to try don’t quite work out, some topics aren’t as engaging or don’t tie together how you thought… it’s always a bit of a work in progress. As I design the course, I try to think in blocks of ideas, and arrange them sequentially so that some kind of thread will eventually emerge. This is where I am right now; ask me tomorrow and it’ll probably have changed.