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Terahertz and Cultural Heritage Science: Examination of Art and Archaeology

Just published Terahertz and Cultural Heritage Science: Examination of Art and Archaeology. A. Cosentino “Terahertz and Cultural Heritage Science: Examination of Art and Archaeology” Technologies, 4, 6, 2016. Cultural Heritage scientists need methodologies to examine Art and Archaeology in order to understand artistic materials and techniques and devise better conservation procedures.

On-line Training Programs

We are now offering Online Training modules. Traveling is expensive and requires time that many professionals can’t afford. CHSOS wants to disseminate its methods as much as possible and we have now an online educational program. Get our Training modules, without added travel costs. Features Reserve the training module you need.

Free XRF Spectroscopy Database of Pigments Checker

We just published the new Free XRF Spectroscopy Database of Pigments Checker. Pigments Checker is a collection of swatches of historical pigments that offers art professionals, conservation scientists, conservators and fine art photographers, a tool to evaluate and test their imaging and spectroscopic methodologies for pigment identification.

Technical Photography Filters Set

CHSOS offers the Technical Photography Filters Set at 970 euro + 20 euro shipping. They are the 4 filters (52 mm thread) that we use for our Art examination service and we test in our research publications. Visit our Technical Photography Filters Set page for more info.

We got a new Studio

We are celebrating our new Studio! We moved to an 80 square meters (860 square foot) open space. It is an historical building (XVIII century) in downtown Viagrande, Italy, the Sapienza Palace.

2015 Review

CHSOS website has enjoyed the engagement of a wide community, we reached 6000 views / month. Art community follows our updates, requires on-site art examination or training programs. CHSOS pursues its mission to develop innovative and sustainable technologies for art examination which are being adopted by museums and cultural institutions.

Stephen Harper is the worst, sorry…

hey guys! I was just chatting with my Mum about an Aboriginal Worldviews online course she is taking through UofT ( that is free and open to anyone, which I think is super cool! Anyways, she sent me this link to a Prezi that was used in the course ( that was fantastic.

The 3D printing mind…stretch.

Namir just posted this VERY short article on his Facebook and I thought it was interesting. Check out the comment section too for an interesting exchange about the usefulness of 3D printing. that it's only 3 paragraphs long, and only about the chief exec of GE's view of the future of 3D printing,  they clearly don't get into the copyright issue.

Maybe just screen out the trolls?

One of the things that has been bouncing around in my head for a while now has been the discussion of open access and data sharing of the grey literature of the CRM industry in Ontario. Many firms not only permit but actively encourage their employees to use the information gained from CRM excavations for publications or thesis research.