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Björk Black Lake Digital Terrain

xRez Studio had the great pleasure of providing digital terrain capture for Björk’s recent special venue film “Black Lake”, featured at MoMA NYC in her retrospective exhibition in spring 2015 and directed by the gifted designer and director Andrew Thomas Huang . The effort consisted of capturing several locations shot for the film, including a dark, narrow lava tube cave, a volcanic ravine, an open moss-covered plain, and various set pieces on stage.

VR Development

  Virtual Reality or VR is undergoing a massive surge in interest and industry development currently, in large part due to development of cost-effective hardware due to the advance of cellphone technology and displays. With research originating at USC’s MXR Lab, then commercially expanding through Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, and Google Cardboard, the times look promising indeed for VR to finally take hold culturally.

Iceland 2014 Shoot

  We were fortunate to spend time shooting with our old friend Olafur Haraldsson in his home turf in Iceland during the summer of 2014. We traveled to Iceland on assignment to provide digital terrain capture for an upcoming film for singer Bjork‘s upcoming MOMA retrospective in 2015, look for an production post here once the project is live. Bjork and crew were charming, and we captured remarkable content and performances for the production.

Autodesk Photogrammetry Capture for Maya 2015 Launch

  In October 2013, xRez Studio was contracted by Autodesk to capture spectacular landscape features of our choosing to be used for content promoting an upcoming launch of Maya 2015. We suggested 2 primary sites, the sand tufa formations at Mono Lake in the Eastern Sierra, and the wind-carved sandstone formations at Valley of Fire in Nevada.

Hiroshima Peace Conference

In winter of 2011, xRez partner Eric Hanson spoke at the Hiroshima Peace Museum at a conference on utilizing digital media toward peace education. Meeting with filmmaker Mr. Masaaki Tanabe and TBS producer Norico Wada on our prior involvement with the Hiroshima Reconstruction Project while there, Eric was provided warm and  generous hospitality, being personally toured over several days to several deeply affecting historic sites surrounding this dark chapter of human history.

Spherical Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is one of the most remarkable natural features in the Colorado Plateau, but is heavily photographed and takes little skill to derive an astounding image. We wanted to capture it spatially using spherical imagery to help describe the very complex sculptural forms contained within. Ultimately, we hope to reconstruct the two canyons with stereoscopy and full 3d modeling, but in 2010 we performed this series of panoramic captures as a scout.

Babbage Difference Engine in Gigapixel

In July of 2012 xRez Studio was contracted to shoot a unique “close up” gigapixel image of the Babbage Difference Engine  at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. The “Difference Engine No. 2″ was never realized or constructed in the lifetime of famed mathematician and inventor Charles Babbage. However it was funded over 150 years later by former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold.

CARBON-X Fulldome Film

xRez Studio’s Eric Hanson has completed an experimental film collaboration with SETI artist-in-residence artist Charles Lindsay, entitled CARBON-X. Designed for the planetarium fulldome format, it was a component of an arts grant program entitled Getting Off The Planet, through Ecoartspace curator Patricia Watts. It premiered at the ISEA 2012 Conference, Machine Wilderness at the Intitute for American Indian Art’s Digital Dome in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Griffith Planetarium- Time’s Up

xRez partner Eric Hanson recently provided several key CGI sequences for Griffith Planetarium‘s new fulldome visitor film, “Time’s Up“. The film explores the nature of time in the universe, from human to cosmic scales.

Yellowstone Supervolcano VFX

xRez Studio has completed CGI and time-lapse work for Supervolcanoes, a fulldome film for digital planetarium distribution and directed by Thomas Lucas of Dynamic Earth and Black Holes fame. Helping describe the occurrence of past geologic massive volcanoes, the work encompasses visualization of the remnants of the Yellowstone Caldera, a past volcanic event that sent ash as far as Los Angeles.

Everest Base Camp Trek 2012

xRez partner Eric Hanson was contracted by Glacierworks to document the rich cultural and on-trail experience of the Everest Base Camp (EBC) trek in the timeless and spectacular Khumbu region of Nepal during the 2012 climbing season.

Annenberg Space for Photography Lecture

We are honored to participate in the Annenberg Space for Photography Digital Darkroom exhibition, running from Dec 17 to May 28 2012. We will be lecturing on the evening of Jan 12 in the IRIS Nights lecture series, giving a talk entitled “Post Digital: Expanding the Boundaries of Photography”. We will show examples that illustrates the expansion and erosion of boundaries that digital technology affords the contemporary photographer.

Popular Science USC Article

xRez Studio’s Eric Hanson and the Yosemite Extreme Imaging Project were featured in August 2011 edition of Popular Science in an article entitled, “The 25 Coolest College Labs in the Country“: “I worked for all the big effects studios for years, and I hit a point where I was destroying New York for the fifth or sixth time,” says Eric Hanson, a visual-effects instructor at the University of Southern California.

Prana Web Graphic

We were recently approached by Bay Area design firm Elixir for usage of a series of sections of our Yosemite Extreme Imaging project, toward a new web design for noted outdoor clothing manufacturer Prana. We happily obliged, and enjoyed seeing what was created. Elixir scoured our gigapixel images and assembled a Prana logo from found shadows on El Cap and other walls in the valley. A nice synchronicity with nature. ©xRez Studio, 2011.

LightPaint Experiments

With time to burn while camping on recent panoramic photo workshops held on Anacapa Island and Red Rock Canyon led by xRez’s Greg Downing for the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, we enjoyed some decent results using new led light clusters and purple and green lasers. Nothing revolutionary, but it seemed to be a good combination of sources, after years of mixed results in light painting experimentation. ©xRez Studio, 2011.

New Mexico Workshop

xRez recently returned from leading a photo workshop in Santa Fe and Albuquerque for the IAIA, the Institute of American Indian Arts, and the UNM Arts Lab, teaching our techniques for integrating panoramic images into fulldome projection. The IAIA has recently constructed an amazing operable dome for their students, and the UNM Arts Lab has a long history of leading fulldome culture and research.

Shaman’s Panel Rock Art Documentation

In June of 2010 xRez Studio set out to document one of the oldest rock art panels in North America, known as Shaman’s Panel. Located in a remote side drainage of the Grand Canyon and under the jurisdiction and protection of the NPS, it is a difficult site to locate, which has likely contributed to it’s somewhat limited vandalism. Estimated to be between 3,000 and 15,000 years old, it is extremely fragile and is marked by much wear.

Geologic Formation of the Grand Canyon

xRez Studio has completed an animated sequence illustrating the geological forces leading to the creation and carving of the Grand Canyon for use in the new visitor center film “Grand Canyon: A Journey of Wonder”, produced by Aperture Films.

G2 Gallery Exhibition- Nature LA: xRez Studio

We are pleased to announce we are showing select gigapixel prints at the G2 Gallery in Venice CA as the current Nature LA exhibit, running from April 19, 2011 through June 19. We hosted a reception on Friday May 6, and a talk on our work on Friday May 13 entitled “Technology in Service of Conservation”.   panopress.embed({"id":"pp_41","type":"html","version":"4.

Visions and Voices Event- Rhythms+Visions: Expanded+Live

Director Mike Patterson and Eric Hanson of xRez Studio acted as co-organizer of a visual music event at the USC School of Cinematic Arts complex in April of 2011. Several student animation projects were projected onto the building in various forms, from realtime stereoscopic interventions to aligned architectural projections.  Headlining the evening was leading UK visual collective D-Fuse and local LA 3D artist Scott Pagano,  performing live with graphics projected onto scrims and screens.