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#277 2016 Apple iPhone 7 Event – September

I just finished watching the Apple iPhone 7 event.  I'll attempt to describe what was in the Keynote speech and how the new software and products will be good for archaeology. Let's get to it!AppStore Apps are being developed for archaeology all the time. Well, not all the time, but, most of the time. I always get asked whether we're going to develop for Android or not.

#276 Perspective

From our AirBnB in Dusseldorf, Germany. I'm sitting on an Air Berlin flight to Germany right now. We have a 23-hour-layover in Dusseldorf where we've got a nice little AirBnB apartment downtown. The following day we fly to Naples, Italy where we'll be for the rest of the month. Recently, someone online commented that I've got a pretty exciting life.

#275 Day of Archaeology 2016

2015: #260 The Journey Continues2014: More Companies, More Changes2013: DayofArch2013 - Continuing Changes2012: Day of Archaeology 20122011: Part 1 and Part 2Thanks again to the organizers for putting this on year after year!It seems like I'm always starting new companies and doing different things when the Day of Archaeology comes around. I think it's important to keep things fresh and interesting.

#274 Yelp for Archaeology

DIGTECH is on Yelp! Link below. A few years ago - actually almost 10 years ago - I had a pretty bad experience with a company. Had I known anything about the way the Principle Investigator operated and how he ran that company then I would have thought twice about taking a permanent position there. When I finally left that place I was pretty upset.

#273 Interpreting the Past – Manhattanhenge

From: Twice a year the axial tilt of the Earth and the Earth's position around the sun create a situation where the buildings of New York City line up exactly with the rising and setting sun. New York City is probably the most famous city on the planet which is why this actually makes the news every year.

#272 Beyond Paper-Based Methodology

We've got tablets and we really don't know how to use them...just like Data and Mr. Tricorder. Seriously. Switching to TabletsI was in graduate school when I got the first iPad about 6 years ago. I didn't really have any knowledge about what apps to use for what tasks - primarily because there wasn't many available and no one really knew what to do with them anyway.

#271 Free Archaeology – Is it Really?

There has been a lot of talk on Facebook and Twitter lately and it relates back to the #FreeArchaeology discussion that started over a year ago. However, this is taking a slightly different turn than the one that I believe started in the UK.The basics are, people are tired of being asked to do work after work. They’re tired of working for free and being asked to do too much — or at least more than they expect to do in a normal day.

#270 Invest in Yourself

DIGTECH has been busy. In the last two years, DIGTECH did half a million dollars in business, employed 10 different people, started the Archaeology Podcast Network, started Professional Certifications for Scientists, and entered into a consulting relationship to design and develop Codifi CRM. Yes, busy indeed.

#269 Giving it 110%

Recently, I was involved in what's known as a "near miss" in aviation. I still don't understand what this means since it was ACTUALLY a miss. A near miss sounds more like a collision to me. Either way, that's what it's called.We were flying in a Cessna 206 and doing maneuvers at around 1500 - 2000 ft above ground level. There were four of us in the plane and I was in the front right seat.

​#268 The Driver – Pedestrian Problem

You all know what I'm talking about. You've done it. You've been on both sides of the problem. I'm talking about what I call the Driver-Pedestrian problem. I'll explain how this relates to archaeology later. First, what is it?The DriverYou're in a university parking lot -- or a supermarket -- or a mall -- and you're looking for a spot. You're late. You don't have time for this. All you want to do is park.

#266 Small Business and the Nightmare of Payroll

When I started my company three years ago I thought, this is my change to show everyone how it can be done. This is my chance to do it right! I probably thought that owning a CRM firm was really just doing good, ethical archaeology. Right? Isn’t that all it is? Everything else will fall in line and just — happen?Not so much.Sleeping - Or NotUp until 2015 I only really had one employee — me.

#265 CRMArch’s Grand Challenge

Grand Challenges in ArchaeologyThis post is part of a blogging carnival taking place at Doug’s Archaeology during the month of January, 2016. The question is, what are the grand challenges in your archaeology?What is My Archaeology?I consider “my” archaeology to be what Tom King calls, “CRM Archaeology”. Ha! Just kidding, Tom. Actually, most of us practitioners of the archaeology part of CRM do call it CRM Archaeology.

#264 DIGTECH – 2015 By the Numbers

Well, DIGTECH is dangerously close to celebrating three years since founding (January 8th). How have we done so far? Let's run down the numbers for this year:Payroll - $167,114Per Diem - $69,911Employees - 10Permanent Employees - 1 (No, not me)Acres Surveyed - 45,000Sites Recorded - About 250Isolates - About 1200iPads - 9iPads given to employees - 7Trimbles - 2Trimbles destroyed - 1 ($550 repair cost)Overall, we didn't do too bad.In 2013 DIGTECH did about $13,000 in business.

#263 Can You Prepare for an Interview?

 I recently received this feedback and questions from a fan of the CRM Arch Podcast:I've been listening to the show for a few months now and I have to say, you guys rock! I'm just getting started with CRM and every show, blog, and book of yours that I've read have been insanely helpful. Episode 65 in particular - I actually applied to the job that you mentioned, and I too was a bit thrown off by the posting but sent it off anyway since I live in Ohio and California winters don't sound so bad.

#262 Business, CRM Archaeology, or Both?

  I recently received a question from a fan of the CRM Archaeology Podcast Network over at the Archaeology Podcast Network's page (a subsidiary of Here is the question: I am a senior Business Management major at the University of Central Arkansas. Recently I've found a strong interest in Anthropology and want to carry it over into my career.

#261 What Apple’s Sept Event Means for Archaeology

On September 9, 2015, Apple held their annual Fall product announcement event. They have so many product lines now that they didn’t spend the first 30 minutes talking about how awesome they are and how much money they’re making. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, just went right into new stuff. I’m not going to cover everything in this post - just the stuff I think is beneficial to archaeologists and archaeology.

#260 The Journey Continues – #DayofArch 2015

This is my Day of Archaeology 2015 post. Here are my past posts: 2014: More Companies, More Changes2013: DayofArch2013: Continuing Changes2012: Day of Archaeology 20122011: Part 1 and Part 2Thanks again to the organizers for putting this on. Hopefully CRM in the US will start to have a bigger presence as the years roll on. For now, though, it's just a few of us.

#259 Social Media Research

Hey everyone...I'm passing along a research study from a student in the Netherlands that is do a master's thesis on the use of blogs and social media in making archaeology accessible to the public. Fleur Schinning is wanting to know some demographics and some thoughts about the blog you're reading now. The questions, most anyway, are designed to ask you about THIS blog.

#258 Passion and Dedication

 I had called this the Passion of Christ(opher) originally. However, I realized that I shouldn't draw parallels to the son of a god when I am, in fact, a god myself. Ha!I can be pretty intense. Some people that know me would say I'm a passionless robot and others would say I'm hot-headed and intense. There isn't really an in-between with me. Such is life. I'm working on swinging more to the middle, but, it's apparently not in my nature.