Archaeogaming Unconference 2

The first archaeogaming unconference was held in June 2015. It was a fairly successful event. So let’s have another one, shall we? It will happen via the MIT Unhangout platform in mid January 2017; watch this space for the exact day and time (which depend on my collaborators and the time zones they happen to be in).

Please suggest or vote for session ideas here.

As happened last time, “In terms of how the day will …play out, we’ll have say 3 sessions with 3 breakout rooms, at 45 minutes each, 10 minutes between for refreshment. Unlike in-person unconferences, I think trying to agree a schedule on the morning might be too difficult, so I’d take the top voted topics, slot them into a google spreadsheet-schedule template […] – and then people can leave comments on the the desired layout. I’d leave that open for the week, then adjust/publish the schedule that weekend, according to what seems like the majority will.

Then, morning of, I’ll remind/repost the URL to the unhangout, and we’d be off to the races. The unhangout can be broadcast via Youtube too”

Sound like fun?