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Media Musings Blog Archive SHOULD WE HAVE BUGS FOR GRUB

The UN are encouraging Western countries, like Australia, to think about eating over 19000 creepy crawlies after a study by the Forestry Department, part of the UN food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) was released this morning.

The FAO says insect consumption is not a new concept and western society should be more open minded, but it’s definitely a squeamish topic of debate.

Why the UN says we should eat bugs:

For health reasons: Many insects are full of protein . They are a nutritious alternative to "mainstream staples such as chicken, pork, beef and even fish".

They are good for the environment: Lower greenhouse gas emissions than livestock.

They are economical: they are cheap allowing even the poorest sections of society to be feed.

Could fight world hunger.

The UN says "the disgust factor", is one of the major hurdles in getting western society on board with eating bugs.

by pontman: Paul Esson / flickr

Maybe it is simply a case of mind over matter. Maybe we should consider insects as a staple in our everyday diets. Countries like Africa, Thailand and Bali have been doing it for years.

It is interesting to note that insects are Arthopods, like lobsters and shrimp "once considered a poor man’s food" are now delicacies. But once again, bugs are bugs.

How does Cabbage, Peas ‘n’ Crickets sound? Or maybe a Bee LT Sandwich with bee larvae? What about a Waxworm Taco? If this tantalises your tastebuds have a look at Daniella Martin’s an insect eating advocate and host of online
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The thought of eating critters seems to divide people. Some embrace is and others
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After the soup had been taken away, and while Marie was waiting at table during the eating of the second course, young Duparc complained that he felt something gritty between his teeth. His mother made precisely the same remark. Nobody else, however, agreed with them, and the subject was allowed to drop. When the second course was done with, the dessert followed, consisting of
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Monsieur Fergant, the visitor, hearing these last words, politely stepped forward to echo them. Burned arsenic, beyond a doubt, said Monsieur Fergant. When this gentleman was subsequently questioned on the subject, it may not be amiss to mention that he was quite unable to say what burned arsenic smelled like.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes: