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Bringing technologies to humanities research

Recently, I was contacted by the Ingleborough Archaeology Group through Dr. David Johnson. They were wondering where they could find a course on Google Earth useful to Archaeologists. David invited me to give the course and during the preparation of the material, I actually noticed that although there are plenty practicals and information on how to use the software and its applications in Environmental sciences and Geography, there is no much related to Archaeology. One of the reasons for this could be that new generations of archaeologists just use in a more native way the tools offered in the Web. Another reason could be that there is GIS software that goes beyond the usual capabilities of Google Earth and therefore, archaeologists stick to those versions.

During the course which was held at the Looking Well Centre in the beautiful town of High Bentham in Yorkshire, I met many wonderful and enthusiast professional and amateur archaeologists. They form part of the Ingleborough Archaeology Group which is composed mainly by adults which were at different levels of digital literacy. Although the general first ‘sense’ in terms of expectations about the course was that ‘technology’ was scary and difficult to manage, all of them ended up that day learning and using the software comfortably.

After this great experience I ended up reflecting on the way I teach and how I use technology myself. I also realised how as a digital immigrant, it has been sometimes challenging (not to say hard) to learn and harness the technology I want to use for my research. So I decided to put my blog to work, helping other humanities researchers to approach and adopt technology offering a new section on courses, tools and workshops that is now accessible online from the menu in this webpage.

The topic of the courses will be mainly related to Archaeology which is my area of expertise, however, I’m planning also to develop other courses and practicals in Digital Humanities useful for Historians, Cultural Heritage Managers and Literates.  Some of the courses are designed as lecture & practical modules, however, I try to design the practical exercises as stand-alone as I can. This means that you can still learn the application of whatever software or approach I’m teaching, without me being there. Drop me a line if you want to take advantage of a full course. As always, I love to collaborate with other people so if you think we can develop a course together don’t hesitate to contact me any time.  Also, if there is a particular topic you would like me to develop content for, just ask.

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