Python for Arcgis


Python is a very approachable and powerful programming language. It is integrated into Arcmap and it allows you to automate and create workflows within it.

Looking through my files, I found a good number of resources I have been saving in the past related to the use of Python, to automate processes in Arcgis. I thought of sharing them ’cause they were (and still are) very useful for me.


This is a great slideshow created by David Allen and is highly recommendable for beginners:

Getting started with Python programming – Esri
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A series of courses that ESRI offers such as:

Using Python in ArcGIS Desktop 10-Free!
Basics of Python (for ArcGIS 10)
Python Scripting for Map Automation
Python Scripting for Geoprocessing Workflows


There are also several books on the topic:

Paul Z. Zandbergen. 2013. Python Scripting for ArcGIS. ESRI Press, pp. 353

Nathan Jennings. 2011. A Python Primer for ArcGIS. CreateSpace, pp. 458

Erik Westra. 2010. Python Geospatial Development. Packt Publishing, pp. 508


And of course, some great resources, from Arcgis Python recipes to programming guides:

ArcPy Cafe

 SciPy Scientific Tools for Python

Scripts from ESRI

Learning to program by Alan Gauld


This is another good slideshow on Geoprocessing by David Wynne and Elizabeth Flanary:

Download (PDF, Unknown)


For more advanced users:

Download (PDF, Unknown)


And finally, these are the traditional resources for Python in general:

The python tutorial
Beginner’s guide to Python

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