The Archaeological Recording Kit (ARK) written by L-P Archaeology has been further updated on site by Henriette and Hembo. This is the centre of all our archaeological data management processes. All data gathered on site are ingested and made available on our on-site wireless network. ARK looks after all our many photographs, the raw data from the geophysics and surveys, processed plans and sections and the database of all finds. It will be accessible online to the project members – who travel to Portus from all over the world – once we return to Southampton at the end of October. One of the many advantages of ARK is that when it is running on the server in the UK we can incorporate references to the raw data wherever we like in web pages – a process described as transclusion. So, rather than reading an excavation report online and then flicking through an electronic catalogue you can pull the information you need from ARK right into the page that you are reading.

ARK Screenshot
Mu-Chen entering data to ARK